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*Even if the economy is in a state of absolute shambles*

From the desk of Dhruv Patel.

Dear friend,

The time has finally come.

If you would like to launch a highly-profitable web-design agency that consistently pays you up-to $13,340 per month in PROFIT as a complete beginner. Then I suggest you stick around for a few minutes as this will easily be the most important message you read in 2021.

Because after spending half a decade building and successfully scaling my own 6-figure web-design agency in a highly-competitive market…

See how I helped René and Lilia from Nova Scotia, Canada land their first client within 1 week of completing this program.

I’ve decided it’s time to FINALLY reveal my secret underdog strategies for FAST & EXPLOSIVE agency success.

Web-design is easily the most profitable high-income skill you can learn in 2021.

But as somebody who singlehandedly spotted the trend way back before it became a mainstream business…

I’m confidently predicting that it’s only just 4-5 years away from becoming  BOOMING $70 billion industry

Statistics aren’t lying.

IBISWorld’s research shows that the market size, measured by revenue, of the Web Design Services industry is already $40.8bn in 2021.

And at an estimated 5.8% growth rate, the industry is aggressively expanding – almost 2x faster than the whole technology sector!

Which means the opportunity for YOU to grab a VERY large chunk of the fast-growing pie is here – arguably like never before!

The best time to start a web-design agency was 6 years ago. The second best time is right now!

It all happened when a pandemic shocked the world in early 2020 and completely revolutionised the world of business forever, resulting in more and more business-owners FINALLY understanding the value of having a strong online presence.

And as the shift into digital continues explosively-growing, the demand for better, stronger and higher-quality websites will eventually explode through the roof and become a TOP priority for every aspiring business.

You see without a solid website, there’s almost no online presence.

And without an online presence in 2021 and beyond- how can a business stay in competition?

They can’t.

And they won’t!

Which is exactly why web-design agencies are now going to be at the CENTRE of all the attention with TREMENDOUS responsibility at their hands and a WORLD of opportunity to make SERIOUS money.

But, here’s a MAJOR problem…

97% of beginners that start a web-design agency in 2021 WITHOUT an in-depth and battle tested masterplan will IMMEDIATELY fail.

And out of that 3% that make it through, only a MERE- FRACTION will eventually get to see a profitable return on investment.

This all comes down to immense competition. A lack of a solid strategy, and a stressful ‘do it yourself’ approach in which beginners decide that they are better off learning and implementing everything from A to Z all by themselves.

Occasionally with the help of cheaply outsourced freelancers.

But as somebody that has built FULL financial freedom with a web-design agency.

(as a complete beginner)

… The brutal lesson I learnt was that the competition is unforgiving…

…And will happily put you out of business with an evil smile on its face.

So any other approach apart from the one I am going to share with you today, will mean having a budget of ten’s of thousands of dollars.

A few years of patience… Lots of failure…

And IMMENSE amounts of will-power to carry on moving.

forward when things get difficult. Because they will.

All of that just to end up POTENTIALLY fighting for the tiny scraps at the bottom – while the bigger dogs continue chewing away on all the juicy profits.

THAT, is the kind of competition you are going up against when you are trying to start a web-design agency as a complete beginner WITHOUT a master strategy.

So how on earth did someone like me…

Someone who previously had no experience WHATSOEVER in coding and barely ANY experience in online business, be able to turn a 2:00 AM side-hustle into a THRIVING web-design agency that EFFORTLESSLY makes me an average of $14,594 PROFIT per month?

It’s simply because I chose to do things differently.

Hi I’m Dhruv.

And I run a top web-design agency that helps me passively make up to $16,990 of PROFIT every single month.

I enjoy a life of financial freedom. I ride around the city in my ultimate dream car.

And most importantly: I wake up everyday to see my family healthy, safe and happy.

But it was not always sunshines and rainbows.

In fact it was once exactly the opposite.

Back when I was barely making ends meet at my energy draining 9-5 job, I was desperately searching for a big breakthrough in online business.

I was so ambitious and motivated that I would wake up at 5:20 AM every single morning just to work on the latest new side-hustle.

Even after spending 8 miserable hours in the office Monday to Friday I would return home to continue the work up until 1:00 AM every single night.

Nonstop. Not a single day off.

But while my work ethic was always there, my results were anything but.

Every business model I tried was instant failure and money thrown into the wind.

Blogging, Shopify dropshipping, Amazon fba, Affiliate marketing…


Business models that required SO much time, money and effort with such little to no guarantee for a return on investment were the reason that I was slowly losing faith in the idea of making an income online.

…Until I Randomly Discovered Web- Design.

It first began with me making an extensive list of business models that I KNEW were scalable.

And every time I would go through the list, web-design was what kept standing out and shining at me with purpose every single time.

I knew deep down inside that meant something…

Reading those letters alone was literally butterflies in my belly.

So after a week of contemplating and rationalising my decision – I decided to pull the trigger and go ALL IN.

And just like that, 6 days later I land my first client and have my first massive breakthrough.

But it still wasn’t enough…

I knew that with the solid competition I was going up against, the ONLY way I would succeed and survive as a beginner in such an untapped & lucrative industry… would be through finding and developing my own master strategy.

Which is exactly what I did when I decided to quit my 9-5 job to pursue web-design full time.

As I began the process of learning, mastering and perfecting my skillset — my agency slowly began growing with me.

But it wasn’t until I discovered a POWERFUL hidden strategy – when I started consistently and effortlessly hitting five figures every single month.

This strategy allowed me to work with more clients, earn 10x more in sales, up-sell services and AGGRESSIVELY scale my business into a THRIVING six-figure agency.

… All without doing ANYTHING but marking orders as ‘complete’ and watching my savings grow.

It’s my personal trademarked strategy that has been kept a confidentially hidden secret all this time…

But after seeing the RIDICULOUS opportunity that COVID-19 has brought to the web-design industry…

I’ve decided that NOW is the perfect time to take this highly- effective strategy…

And turn into a 4 week 1v1 coaching program where I personally mentor YOU. Step-by-step into building a successful and highly profitable web-design agency that makes at least $9,800 profit – in the first 1 months of being in business.

With that exact strategy!

Introducing: Wealth With Websites
The ONLY 1v1 Coaching Program That Teaches You EVERYTHING on Building a PROSPEROUS Web-Design Agency in 6 WEEKS (Without Having to Build The Websites)

You see the majority of programs out there are courses, and they only teach you how to build and design the websites.

But how on earth can knowing how to build a great website land you those high-ticket ticket clients every single month?

…It Can’t! And It NEVER Will.

Which is EXACTLY the reason that I have decided to engineer this breakthrough program.

A LIVE 1v1 coaching program (that’s personalised specifically for YOU), where I teach you…

NOT how to build the actual websites (You will have a team of skilled-professionals I personally delegate for you building out them for you).

NOT where and how to find clients (By the time you learn my social media and fb ad strategy, finding clients will be easier than opening a new tab on your laptop).

NOT what to say to when cold contacting prospects (You get access to the SAME exact ready-made scripts I use to contact and my high-ticket clients).

….I teach you a LIFE-LONG, HIGH- INCOME skill that works as long as YOU do.

My only priority in this live 1v1 coaching program is fast and EXPLOSIVE results. In an industry that is HERE TO STAY!

You see, I have no interest in teaching you skills that you can find in any other course.

Because otherwise, it would be just another program.

I want to make this program the one-way ticket to ultimate financial freedom you will ever need – in just one months of time.

And to do that successfully, I have carefully put EVERYTHING I have spent the last 6 and a half years learning, mastering and perfecting

Into an EASY step-by-step LIVE learning process that will help you effortlessly BUILD and SCALE into a THRIVING 5- figure per month web-design agency.

Not in 6 and a half years. Like it took me to do…

But just in just 30 days of time!

The beauty about this business model is that:

1) IT’S RECESSION PROOF: No matter what. A business will always need a website to stay in competition. In-fact one could easily argue that during a recession, the web-design agency model has been working even better. This is your chance to leverage a skill in an industry that is here for the long run.

2) WORK FROM ANYWHERE: All that is required to run this business is an internet connection, a laptop and a cup of coffee – literally nothing else

3) DOES NOT REQUIRE MUCH EFFORT: Although this is NOT a 100% done for you system where you get to kick your feet up, sit back and enjoy easy money, this business model is one of the ONLY ones that does NOT require you to have web-design experience or have to build out the websites to experience RIDICULOUS success. 98% of the work will be done for you, all that is required from you is the mindset and willingness to learn!

4) IT’S ACTUALLy 100% PROVEN TO WORK: If you follow all my teachings step by step, it’s actually harder to fail than it is to succeed. By the time we get to the 4th week, I already predict that you will be working with at least one client and if not we still have another 2 weeks to make sure that you do.

5) IT’S FOR HIGH-TICKET CLIENTS ONLY: When you have my team of seasoned web-design vets building out the websites for you – you are instantly put into the high-ticket category with the bigger dogs where you are able to charge up to $1990 (or more) dollars for a single website. And for the price of high-quality websites on the market right now (Up to $80,000 for a single website), $1990 is actually a STEAL for your client. Making it a win-win situation for both of you!

In this program you get access to:

1) One HOUR 1v1 LIVE coaching session (2 times per week for 4 weeks) that covers and teaches you my personal and highly effective trademarked strategy for building and scaling a web-design agency

2) Done-for-you scripts that I personally use for cold calling and cold emailing for high-ticket clients

3) Done-for-you agreements & contracts that I use to get my clients signature quickly down on paper

4) Organisers and scheduling tactics that will your calendar up with non-stop business

5) A custom, high-quality professional website built specifically for your agency by my team of web- designers for higher-conversion rates

6) The WINNING social media and facebook ad strategies that have stood the test of time

7) 1 month of direct texting support AFTER completion of program

8) 2 months of direct email support AFTER completion of program

9) Access to a PRIVATE facebook group with all the other web- design students where you can ask questions, share your progress and stay on top of things!

10) BONUS: A SECRET strategy I accidentally discovered for ETHICALLY getting over 1000 likes on your Facebook page with not more than $102 in ad- spend (Shockingly simple)

11) BONUS: The EASIEST way to build an impressive web-design portfolio in 5 days. WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE DIME

Now please…

Before you get all excited, decide this is for you and pull out your phone to schedule a call.

Let me please make something crystal clear for your own benefit.

Although this is a breakthrough program like no other currently out there. The first of its kind.

Although I have thrown all my trial, error and learnings these last 6 years to make it easy for you…

And although this will all be on easy-mode for you, with no experienced required from your part.


You will still have to do work.

And you will still need to fulfil orders, deliver them and make sure that your customer is 100% satisfied with your delivery.

So if you are looking to sign up just to have somebody build you the financial freedom – while you light up cigars and sip away on expensive whiskey…

Then I am truly sorry to say but this program is 100% not for you.

Nothing that I have built in my life has come from being passive…

And I can firmly guarantee that with this mindset, your success will not last.

But. If you are hungry, inspired and ready to finally take the next step forward in your life…

And join what I believe is the GREATEST 1v1 coaching program currently out there on the market – then I can’t wait to have you aboard with us and make you my next success story.

It’s people like you that I am dedicating the next few years of my life for. It’s people like, René & Lilia Samson (see testimonial below)…

That recently got started with this program – but are now passively making over $3000-$5000 per month in profit in just 1 month of being in business .

If you are ready to be my next success story just like this driven couple – fill out the contact form below, and let’s get to know each other.

I can’t wait to get to know you.The beauty about this b

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