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Your skill is worth much more than you actually think.

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Web-designers like you could easily be securing four, and even five-figure deals with businesses across multiple industries each and every month.

Now I’m definitely not promising overnight success (everything that’s easy requires hard work to start off with ) and anyone promising you a get- richquick scheme should never be taken seriously!

But in my 6 years of bitter grinding as a web-designer, I’ve managed to crack a very powerful code on what it takes to become a successful web-design agency that is able to charge a premium for its services like very few can.

And that’s exactly what I want to show you today in my game-changing

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If you’ve landed on this page, I’m assuming you already have some sort of
an experience as a web designer.

You’ve dabbled in the business model…

Perhaps created some websites for yourself, friends or maybe even other

But it’s just not bringing the kind of money that you were hoping for.

And with all the other opportunities out there, you just don’t know whether
this web-design stuff could really make you a serious living.

So you just do it passively.

A few websites here and there, whenever there’s an opportunity to make a
quick buck.

All while a select number of individuals like me, no more capable than you, are making life-changing monthly income from their laptop.

Thats the reality of how it goes for the majority of prospective webdesigners.

And if that sounds somewhat of a description of you and your situation.

…then this ebook will solve a very big puzzle for you, and help you take a
monumental step forward in this lucrative & exciting industry.

The greatest part about all of this is that:

1) It’s still an untapped market with ridiculous money to be made: As you may already know, most individuals are focusing on Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, SMMA and other business models that can bring large profits, but are just way too saturated and competitive.

And although web-design has competition, it’s no where near to the same
level as the rest.

Which means right now you have a serious opportunity at your hand to

2) Most business websites suck and are losing businesses lots of
A great website = more monthly revenue for a business. But take just a few searches on Google and you’ll discover that many businesses still have a simple website.

When you come in to offer your services and sell the vision to them, it will be inevitable a portion of them consider to opt-in and work with you.

Remember all it takes is 3-4 clients per month to start building real wealth.

3) You don’t need a large budget to become profitable: I had very few resources starting out. And although I encountered a lot of failure, made plenty mistakes and learned valuable lessons, I’ve put together a bulletproof system that works as long as you do!

So, why dabble in this industry all on your own?

Grab my eBook today while its still available for completely FREE, so you can start replicating the exact same steps I, and many of my students are currently using to build real wealth!

In this quick & engaging read you’ll discover:

1) The battle before the war: Key things you’ll need to know & figure out before you start building anything for anyone. Without them, you and your agency will have no foundation.

2) Why your portfolio is 85% of your success – and the barely-known way of quickly building an impressive one, even if you don’t have a single client or case study!

3) The golden place to look for highly-qualified web-design clients that have the money to spend right now.

4) The golden pillars to managing a potential project: How to ensure 100% client satisfaction so they recommend your services to all their peers and strongly consider working with you long-term.

5) My personal life changing secrets to planning for big success: How to build your dream life with an untapped opportunity in web design. (This part I wrote my heart out on a page.

6) Why you should always continue your web design education: And exactly what you should be focusing on.

7) How to turn one web-design deal into a meaty monthly retainer:
There’s other services that you now can offer after building your client a website.

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Dhruv Patel

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